Thursday, April 15, 2010

Data Entry or Type at Home

The average online Data Entry or Type At Home is
typing prewritten advertisements and submitting
these ads to various advertising sites on the
Internet. You are then paid either by the number
of sales you generate through your ad, or by the
number of clicks or site visitors your ad
produces. It is possible to earn $50-$150 an
hour doing this, but it is work. It is not
something you work at 2 hours a day, 1 day a week
and earn this kind of money. You have to put
effort into the program to be rewarded with the
kind of money the programs tell you about.

The other question brought up on the forum was
should you pay for Data Entry or Type at Home
jobs? If the program you are looking at only
offers a job with no training then the answer is "
no". However, if the job comes with complete
training, materials, and full support, and most
importantly, a money back guarantee if you are
not satisfied, then the answer is "YES!"

So many times I have had people tell me that they
earned no money doing this type of work when in
fact, they put no effort into working the program.
It was not the programs fault they made no
money, but theirs. If they were not satisfied
why didn't they ask for a refund?

If you remember nothing else from this short
article, remember this: Don't throw your money
away on a Type At Home or Data Entry "JOB", make
sure it comes with everything you need to succeed.
Work this job on the internet the same as you
would work a job offline and you will earn money!

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