Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year...

hi friends... wish u all a very happy new year 2008.... iam sure dat God will fulfil all our needs in this year... take care... b happy... enjoy...

Friday, December 28, 2007


me wit my colleagues....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Plant Visit....

Thirumalai Chemicals Limited (TCL) is one of the largest petrochemical industry which has a turn over of about 400 crores per year. It produces Pthalic Anhydride, Malic Anhydride, etc.. This was a very different experience for me. I came to know how Phthalic Anhydride is produced wit its raw materials... Its very interesting...

Then, we went to the stores where many different mechanical, electrical & electronic items were kept. Our Sir, explained everything & iam new to mechanical... So, this visit made me aware of many different items...
We had our electrical session & lastly came my favourite instrumentation session. This time its my turn to ask queries & the incharge was very patient, he explained us very clearly... My friends teased (just for fun) me for my queries... Thats fun, i really enjoyed it...

In the meantime, i took all my friends to my home as this plant is near to my area... We enjoyed a lot & this created nice friendship wit all....

One sad thing is, iam unable to check blogs... Its ok, i had covered all...

Here, for the first time I have attached my photo (sorry group photo). We are the team who visited TCL. We took this in TCL auditorium.

Please, dont expect me to be fair.. I wont be fair.. i think u all guessed me.. Ya...iam wearing specs. Got it... take care friends...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas...

Sometimes around Christmas
Thoughts often come to me
While we are celebrating
Gathered around our lighted trees
While we are cozy in our homes
Before a crackling fire
With family all around us
Sharing holiday smiles
I think of the people
Sitting on the streets
With no home to go to
Or shoes upon their feet
I think of the children
With no parents of their own
And the child thats crying
Because Santa may not come
If you can remember...
When you were very young
The excitement you felt
When Christmas time begun
Getting up so early
To see what's under the tree
This year I'm giving back
Santa's been so good to me
I'm going to give food for the hungry
Buy some clothes and toys
Picking some angels from the tree
Both for girls and boys
Reading the words
Upon their tiny list
Maybe in some little way
I can fulfill their wish
Adding an item or two
That was not even there
Just to let them know
Santa truly cares
On this card that I will sign
For a moment I will pause
At the bottom I think I'll write
"Merry Christmas, From Santa Claus"
honestly... i didn't wrote dis... i thought to have something special for u all on Christmas & i came across dis... hope u all enjoy it... have a great X-mas celebration wit family & friends.... take care...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Will be back...

Hi friends... Iam going for a plant visit bcoz of my training...I will be back on friday (21st Dec 07)... Miss u all... Have a nice weekend... Take care...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


On the very first day of my college life
I was tensed on seeing many new faces
On watching many telugu people
I thought I was left in the wild forest all alone
As I cant mingle with them due to my poor english

But then, I dont know how u all interacted with me
Gave that much courage to talk....
Corrected me when I was wrong....
Encouraged me when Iam doing my best....
Supported me during my weaknesses....

Its my luck to have u all as my friends
The way u all guarded me
When commented by other guys
The care, affection... u all showered on me
I was wondering how i got u all....

I realized that i got many nice hearts
Who are thinking abot me & my happiness
Now, I too can talk fluently (littlebit)
Iam having courage & confidence that I can learn more
This is all bcoz of u.... friends...

Miss u all....

Friday, December 7, 2007

Am I wrong...Friend...

She went without saying a word
What have I done?
I told dont be too happy/sad
Whatever it is take it in a easy way
Bcoz of this she left me???
Ya...I told this when she was very happy
She thought that I dont like her to be happy
She misconstrued me

I thought my friend should tackle all situations
Without losing courage, confidence...
Even we are not together
I thought others should not laugh at my friend
For her silly doings....
I thought my friend should be perfect
Is this a reason for avoiding me???
Ya... She thought Iam always criticising her

I want to be a true friend
Who laughs & criticizes for right reasons
I dont have any partiality in friendship
All are equal to me
But how can she say that she had less affection
On me than our other friends???
At last...I realized that Iam worrying about a friend
Who didnt thinks about me....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Departing Moment...

First, when i came here
The environment was very new to me
I cried for being alone
Leaving my mom & dad for the first time
Its really hard for me to tolerate this
My mom went without saying a word
I know she too cried
My dad too struggled to say bye
I know he too felt for me....

Days went, months went
And now, Iam happy
Having many new friends (including blog friends)
Who are making me always happy
Now, when Iam going to home
I was eager to see my parents
While Iam returning
I used to be active
As I will be back with my friends...

I should thank "Time"
For making me to suit for everything
When I left my hostel
I was happy that Iam moving to a new place
But, only during our departure time
We will come to know the true hearts who loved us
Ya... I too got many
Though I didnt talked that much
I miss them a lot....

This is what life
No one can stick to us permanently...

Monday, November 26, 2007

I know....

My dear...

I know...
That u are not feeling well
But, u lie me that u r well
I know...
That u are having many problems
But, u pretend to be very happy
I know...
That u didnt slept well
But, u will say that u had a very nice sleep
I know...
That u want me to be always happy
But, i will share all ur sufferings without ur knowledge
U know...
Only distance can separate us
But, not my memories which is always with u

Take care dear
Iam always waiting for u....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What's wrong in Resigning???

When we are in a nice designation, the Company offers more respect on us based on our character, hardwork, sincerity, etc. When we quit our job bcoz of many reasons, the Company behaves differently on us. Though we have many years of experience, on receiving our resignation letter, they treat us in a very worst manner. I dont know how they are forgetting our truthfulness, hardwork, etc. Our Seniors who are very close & good to us are suddenly changing worst after knowing that we are going to quit & increase his/her work burden. See, we are quitting bcoz of our health problem, personal problem, career growth, etc. How can they treat like this?

If that Company was true, they should treat well even after the resignation. Then only we will have respect on our previous Company.

This is one of the major issue which all employees are facing now. Even i too experienced this kind of treatment in my previous job. Now, my friends, cousins are also facing such issues...

A solution should come for this issue.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

10 Things...

This post is something special to me. Ya... its my 50th post. As i promised to my friend Kalyan, i took one of his tag....

10 things I want to to before I die....
  • Create my own cartoon program.
  • Write my own fiction stories.
  • Roaming with my partner.
  • Work hard for my child's future.
  • Helping the Orphans.
  • Punishing severely those who are spitting in the public place.
  • Making India to have a single rule with strict discipline & no political disturbances.
  • Making India to be free from beggars.
  • Be a part of Harry Potter movies.
  • Do something useful which makes my name last forever.

"Wish u all a very happy Karthigai Deepam"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Snake Soul....

Janu dont know where she is standing. The
place seems to be very new to her. Its very dark. Janu is already very scared off dark. She feels that something is moving around her. She can guess it. Ya... its a snake. But its still dark, she can't see it. Suddenly, some light flashes & now she can view what's moving. She is stunned by seeing all variety of snakes hanging & moving here & there around her. She don't know what to do. Where to run??? Atlast she thought to run, but the snake which is very near to her, bites her.

No one is there to help her. She know that she is dying. Ya... she is dead. Suddenly, her soul rises from her body. Instead of taking her form, the soul takes a snake form. She can view what is happening there, not knowing how she can able to see it as she is dead. She is muttering something, which causes her snake soul to enter her body again. She can feel it as it enters her body. She suddenly open her eyes, her heart beats
very fast, her hands are shivering, dont know whether she is dead or alive. She then realizes that its just a dream..... a very worst dream she ever had.....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Something which i enjoyed....

"Having a true friend is like having the whole world in your hand"

"It is not that iam afraid to die
It is that if i die
Who will love you as i do"

The above two quotes are my favourite ones.

"So much to say that i love u
Now that so much i need u
How it would be if u need me
Feel it for me to believe me
Iam on in love but not alone
Living for u & dying for u
Iam on in love but not alone
Living for u...& dying....for u...."

Honestly...i didnt wrote this. this is a song from Santhosham (telugu movie) which is so touchy when u hear it. i dont know whether my lyrics is rite (sorry if iam wrong). it has its telugu version too... hope u all enjoy it...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diwali Celebration...

Diwali is celebrated on new moon day. Many of us will have Nombu which is celebrated on new moon day & the day before new moon day is considered as our diwali. So we will have two days to celebrate.

For the first day, we have to cook non-veg. We prepare dosai & along with sugar we devote this to God. We convey our wishes to our relatives & neighbours. After that we will cook non-veg. Then we will fire crackers. Also we will watch our TV programs.

For the second day, its purely veg. Elders will have fastings. We prepare many varieties of food & also we prepare our special item "Athirasam" (sweet & very delicious one) along with "Murukku/Elladai" (lite spicy one) which we will keep in a clay pot in the center of our pooja room. The clay pot will have odd number of dots of turmeric & kungumam. In that we keep some athirasam & murukku/elladai, flowers, betels & betel nuts, kungumam, turmeric & thaali kayer (sorry dont know its english name. A yellow rope which we used to wear after marriage as a symbol of married women. Very effective one) & lastly nombu kayer (a different yellow rope with pink colour in the middle which we tie in our hands which acts as a symbol of nombu). This nombu kayer will be in different
colours depending their family culture. After devoting this to God, we have to get blessings from family elder person (father or grandpa) & they will give a set which contains all what we kept in clay pot. Then we have to tie the nombu kayer in our hands, then we must eat all the things which we got from elder (except that betel & betel nuts, i will give it to my mom). The point is only those who are having nombu only can eat the things in clay pot. Others cant.

Next, distribution of this athirasam, murukku & sweets to relatives & neighbours will commence.

This time we didnt took nombu bcoz of my grandpa's death. If we didnt take nombu then we cant do this upto three years. Thats why we planned to take on Karthigai Deepam. So that we can continue this without any interruption.

Karthigai Deepam (24 Nov 2007)

Celebrated on the full moon day in the Karthigai month, the annual Karthigai Deepam festival is viewed by many as an extension of the Hindu Deepavali (or Diwali) festival. And like Deepavali, devotees light candles and lanterns in their homes creating an incredible spectacle.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Festival of Light....

Which makes us happy
Which makes us free from worries
Which makes us to enjoy
Which makes us to feel like kids
Which makes us to have a nice mood

Iam sure that this bright lights will make our futures very bright....

"Wishing u all a very Happy Diwali"

Have a nice celebration....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Its important...

Friends, please have a look on this blog......

this is about a girl who is in coma stage.... please we have to do something for her......

thank u.....

(David... sorry i took this picture from ur blog)

Monday, October 29, 2007


Heart feels joy...
As we have holidays
Heart feels happy...
As we are going to celebrate with family
The fun, the chat, the teasings...
What for we have waited
Is all going to come...

Kids are in the first place of enjoyment
They start celebrating earlier
Wait eagerly for every evenings
They start their fireworks
With little scoldings from elders
That too is full of fun...

Elders start thinking about the snacks
They start to prepare it earlier
They share this snacks with relatives & neighbours
As it creates a nice bond between us...
They are much worried
Especially in the safety of their kids...

On that day...
Everyone in the family wakes up early
Kids get ready soon
So that they can start their fireworks...
Elders prepare many kinds of dishes
They keep everything in front of God & Godesses
Each & every member of that family
Pray with full involvement...
They enjoy being together
Watch TV with many happy comments...

Its like a birthday...
Yes, Diwali festival
Its like a family birthday...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Traditional Costumes-5

Below is about the traditional costumes of North India..


Punjab & Haryana are famous for the "phulkari" (flower-work) shawls which is worn with a tight-fitting choli & gaghra. Phulkari forms the traditional costume of rural woman of this region.

For ceremonial occasions, a special kind of phulkari known as a "bagh" (garden) was made, in which the whole of the ground was covered with embroidery. On the birth of a baby, the grandmother, after a ceremony of prayers & distribution of sweets to the baby's aunts, would start to embroider a bagh. It would take several years to complete & was embroidered with special care to be used later at the grandchild's wedding, after which it would be kept as a family treasure.

Punjabi girls & women wear salwar kameez's with bright colored duppattas. Kameez is the shirt or top piece & salwar is the pant or bottom piece.

Mens & boys generally wear loose pants or slacks with a collared shirt or t-shirt. Some will wear the kurta pajama.


Women's attire

Rajasthani women wear ankle-length long skirts with narrow waist that gain width like an umbrella at the base. It is called ghaghara. The width & the no. of pleats in the ghaghara symbolize ones prosperity. Kurti or choli acts as top/blouse. The odhani is a cotton cloth of about 3m long & about 2m wide that is tucked in the skirt while the other end is taken over the head & the right

Men's attire

They wear a turban of various colour, an angrakha or achakan as the upper garment & dhoti or pyjama as the lower garment.

Jammu & Kashmir:

For many years Kashmiri men & women have worn the same style of dress. The women wear the pheran, the Kashmiri gown, hemmed with a border & hanging in awkward folds. A muslim womans pheran is knee length, loose & embroidered in front & on the edges, a hindu womans pheran touches her feet. For the sake
of smartness & ease it is tied at the waist with folded material called Ihungi. Hindu costume has head-dress called taranga, which is tied to a hanging bonnet & tapers down to the heels from behind.


Inhabiting the hilly tract bounding the mountains of the Kashmir valley & extending to the plains of Punjab, wear long, loose tunics, close fitting chudidhars and dupatta or cap to complete their charming ensemble.


Its a part of Jammu. It is known as "land of the Lamas". Men wear long, grey, woolen gowns fringed with sheep-skin & tied at the waist with girdles of blue colour, multi coloured velvet caps, fringed with black fur earlaps. Women wear colourful clothes. Their special is the turquoise-studded headgear called Perak, is made of red cloth or goat skin.

Uttar Pradesh:

Mens wear kurta-pyjamas & dhoti-kurtas. Womens wear sari, salwar suit, lehangas, shararas & gararas.


Its known for its golden tussar silk weaving saris.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hai friends.... Today (22nd Oct) is my b'day. I feel very happy to share this with u all. This year I got many new friends especially through this blogspot. I should thank blogspot for this. Thanks for being my friend.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saraswati Pooja...

Friends, Wish u all a very happy Saraswati Pooja.... Enjoy it well.....
Be happy always.... Keep smiling....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Traditional Costumes-4

Here are the costumes for East India...

West Bengal:

"Catching the cold" comes easy to Bengalis. Wrapped in layers of warm clothing even if the sun is boiling the mercury, a baby learns quickly that his chances of survival in a Bengali household depend on how tightly he can wrap himself in cotton, linen & wool. Bengalis have almost romanticised warm clothing, so much so that Bengali art has found eloquent expression in a form of quilt-stitchwork called Kantha.

(Kalyan-this post remains me about u...)


The traditional costume of the Assamese women is known as the "Mekhala & Chadar". The women of Assam weave fairy tales in their looms. Skill to weave was the primary qualification
of a young girl for her eligibility for marriage.

Gandhiji, during his famous tour to promote khadi & swadeshi, was so moved that he remarked "Assamese women weave fairy tales in their clothes!".

Traditionally men folk of plains wear mill- made dhoties & small or big sized sola/fatua (shirt) & vest or eri-chaddar.

Assamese women use riha-mekhela-sadar. The long flowing skirt up to the ankles is known as mekhela and the upper garment riha. The red coloured pattern at the end of the riha is graceful and symbolic. It is said that the dress of mehkela & the riha chaddar has been adopted from the Tibetan & Burmese women.


Odissi is the traditional dance of Orissa. The costume is similar to that of traditional Bharathanatyam costume. The Orissa saris were draped around the dancers in a specific manner for the costume.

Orissa is a thickly tribal inhabited state, consisting of 62 tribes living in different parts of the state. to the tribals, dress is a cultural need & it is also a part of their tradition. The tribals use separate costumes at the time of festivals & ceremonies. In a specific tribe the dresses from birth to old age has immense variety.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Traditional Costumes-3

The following are the traditional costumes of West India.

Male-Chorno & Kediyu.

Female-Chaniyo & Choli.

The dresses worn by males in rural areas consists of cotton drawers called "Chorno" & a short "Kediyu" or "Angarakhu" covering the upper part of the body.

Women put on "Chaniyo" the coloured petticoat often embroidered with "abhala" or glass pieces, a similarly embroidered blouse or bodice called "Choli" or "Polku" along with "Odhani", a coloured piece of coarse cloth covering the body and the head.

Ras and Garba Costumes

The Ras dance is considered to be the form of Ras Leela, which Krishna used to perform when he was leading the life of a cowherd boy at Gokul and Vrindavan. The Ras is by itself very simple and is generally performed by a group of youthful people who move in a circle to measured steps, marking time by sticks called dhandias keeping in their hands & singing in chorus accompanied by dhol, cymbals, flute or shehnai.

The costumes for this dance is a small coat called keviya with tight sleeves and pleated frills at the waist with embroidered borders & sholders, tight trousers like chudidars & colourfully embroidered cap or coloured turban & coloured kamarbandha i.e. waistband.

The traditional dress for Gujarati women is the lehenga choli or ghagra choli.

Abhas-Traditional costume of Kutch region

The women looked beautiful in their fabulous Abhas as they swayed to the music. The twinkling lights played over the gold & thread emboridery while the sequins & badla work sparkled continuously.


Cotton clothes are the best option during the warm and sunny days. Woolen clothes are rarely needed. If you feel cold all you need is a light wool jacket or sweater.


Men wear dhoti and shirt with a headress known as the "Pheta", & women wear sari with a short-sleeved "Choli" (blouse). The sari is 9m long and is worn tucked between the legs. Sari in Marathi is known as "Lugade" or "Sadi".

Monday, October 15, 2007

Traditional Costumes-2

The following are the traditional costumes of Central India.

Madhya Pradesh:

Its India's largest state, it literally means the "Central Province", an apt name as it is situated in the centre of India.

Summer-Light clothes preferably natural fibres.

Winter-Light woolens for the day and heavywoolens for the night.

Madhya Pradesh is known for its fine Chanderi Pagadi or safa, bandi and dhoti among males and kanchli, ghaghara, lugada (lehnga) among females is the dress of common village folk. School going boys wear chaddi and shirt and the girls, polka, ghaghri or frock.

Tribals wear short dhotis. In jungles their men-folk wear shorter langot.


India's 26th state which was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2000. This state is known for its tribal weaving. Chattisgarh is formerly known as Southern Kosal. Chattisgarh is derived from the ancient dynasty South Kaushal taht.

Women are fond of "Kachhora" a typical manner of wearing saree. Women wearing "Lugda" (saree) and "Polkha" (blouse) with a set of attractive ornaments are symbolic of tradition and heritage of Chattisgarh.

Abhuj Maria Tribals (Bastar)

Their dressing needs are very small and money they do not covet at all. Both men & women wear only a piece of cloth round the waist.

Folk Dance Costumes

Gaur Dance Costumes

Men put head-dresses with stringed "cowries" and plumes of peacock feathers and make their way to the dancing ground.

Kaksar Dance Costumes

Boys put on a peculiar costume of a long white robe while girls are clad in all their finery.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Iam tagged...

Hai...I was tagged by my friend "Jeevan".

If u r tagged, here are the rules,

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My name is Kalaiselvi, it refers to "Kalaivani" (Sarasvati) Goddess of learning and arts. I heard from many saying that people should have "Kalai" in their face apart from their fair features, i had in my name itself. My name has been called as kalai, selvi, chellam (my mom), ammu, ammachi (my dad, it refers to grandma), etc...

K for Kindness:

I always try to understand others situation. I will help as much as possible. I can adjust to any kind of people. Though I suffered, I will try to make my surrounding feel happy & comfortable in my presence...

A for Affection:

I can easily shower my affection even to an unknown person. I will do anything for them. But, If they are not true to me, I will be upset to such an extent that I cant control myself...

L for Love:

Iam having a separate respect to the true lovers. Love, its different from all others. According to me, Love shows and needs something in return. Only the person who is in love, can realise the actual feel...

A for Anger:

This is my main negative point. Iam always straightforward. Whatever I feel wrong, I will say it directly. I wont see whether they are my elder/younger. This creates a lot of problems. So, now Iam trying to control it...

I for Involvement:

I will be perfect in my work. Whatever it is, I will try to do it sincerely. I will learn any new work with full involvement though others hurt me for not knowing that work. As a challenge, I will do that same work well in front of them...

I would like to tag my friends, Karthik (expertdabbler), Sundarvathi, Senthil (Omen), Seraphine & Priya (Kuttipriya). I hope u will enjoy it....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Traditional Costumes-1

Tamil Nadu:

Women wear sari and blouse and men wear lungi along with a shirt and 'Angavastra'.


The traditional dress forms are the 'Mundu and Neriathu' (a white piece of cloth with golden zari border symbolising royalty) for men; and 'sari' (a 5-6 metres long piece of cloth embroidered with golden border) with jacket for women.


The main dress of the men is a 'lungi' worn below the waist beneath a shirt. A 'angavastram', a silk or cotton muffler is sported on the neck covering the shoulders. Women wear sarees, the unstitched piece of cloth used to drape the body.

The Kodavas or the people of Kodagu have their own distinct dresses. The men wear their native costume with pride, resplendent with ornamental sashes, swords and daggers, black robes or tunics and gold trimmed turbans for festivals or weddings. Kodava women drape the saree in reverse, with the pleats at the back, pallu pinned on the shoulder, the fringe to the front. Decorative headscarves are worn on formal occasions.

Andhra Pradesh:

Sari & blouse for women. Dhoti & kurta for men & Lambadi dresses.

Lambadi are a common tribal group in Andhra & are famous for their colourful costumes. The Lambada men have adopted the regional dress but the women have to this day retained their attractive colourful & heavy garments, with lot of mirrors and beads studded on them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pappu.. hey keyaaa...

Recently, I came across an article which I enjoyed a lot. I thought to share with u all. Here it is...

That was an Apartment which had different cultured people. One newly married telugu lady came to that Apartment. In Hindi, kids are referred as pappu, babblu, munnee (i think so). One north Indian lady came to that telugu lady's house & asked her "Pappu.. hey keyaaa..." (Is pappu here?). That telugu lady know some hindi. In telugu pappu means paruppu (dhal). So she went & came with a box which had dhal in it. She showed it to her & asked her to take it. That north Indian lady got confused & again asked her "pappu... nahee hey.." (Is pappu not here). Telugu lady thought that she is asking ghee (she took that "nahee" as "neiy"). Again she came with two boxes, one containing dhal & other with ghee. That north Indian lady got tensed & thought she is insulting her..

At that time, another lady came their to ask whats going. This lady know both the languages & explained each with their own mother tongue. They cant help laughing about what they did...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Traditional South Indian Dresses....

Kids used to wear "Pattu Paavaadai"

Teenage used to wear "Half Saree"

Adults used to wear "Saree"

This is "Pattu Sarees" which we wear during functions.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Double Weight....

When I did my schooling, my school was very near to my house. It takes just 5 minutes to walk. I used to come to home for lunch. We enjoyed a lot. We were lucky....

But now the type of schooling in main cities seems to be very difficult. Students are carrying a bag which weigh double their actual weight. Iam sure that they had to eat extra for carrying their bags. Those who are travelling in buses (especially government buses) are suffering a lot. They get more scoldings in addition to their pain y bcoz they occupy more space in the bus. Just imagine how they manage in a overcrowd bus...

How sad it is? Due to the technology improvement, students are forced to study more in their school days.... Something should come to reduce their bag weight like having CDs.....

This remains me about a song in "Mugavaree".

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Culture...

One of our friend in our hostel thought to see separate house for her and her friends. When our sister (Warden) heard this, she told her about another girl who is at present staying alone in a house. Though she felt something wrong, she had no choice to avoid this. She went with the sister to see that house. She liked that house and the girl moved well. She got information from the sister that the girl was staying with her brother and at present he went for onsite. So the girl is staying alone and she is so scared of that.

At last, our friend said ok and she told she will shift soon. But within a day, the girl talked to our friend to come and stay that night as she is alone. So our friend went to stay with her that night. The way she dressed and the way she talked with our friend seemed to be very odd. Our friend felt very shy. For this the girl coolly replied "whats wrong with u". The girl even added that chennai girls will be like this only. The girl threatened our friend not to use mobile. Our friend didnt slept that night and she came to hostel early in the morning itself.

See, we are coming from different places to chennai particularly for our studies,
employment, etc. We have to pick the right one from others not the bad one. Now, the modern culture has become very worst.

Being a girl, I felt ashamed in the culture the girls are following now. Boys wont tease us if we dress properly.

Our Nation is respected for our culture too. Many foreigners like our culture. They are transferring to our culture. This is a good one. But, what we are doing?.... Simply moving to their culture in the name of modern culture....

Girls... please think for a while... If I hurt anyone, I apologies....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sorry... Iam late...

Hai friends... Sorry, I missed u all for nearly a week... Its all bcoz of my health problem. Now feeling better....

Belated Gandhi Jayanthi wishes...

Buddies... my kind request is just take care of ur healths. Try to take more fruits and fresh juices. Pls avoid taking drinks which comes in bottles. Its dangerous for us... Take care friends....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vellore Fort..

This about my native place....

Vellore Fort is a large historic 16th Century fort situated in Vellore town near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. It passed from the Nayaks to Bijapur Sultans, then Marathas and to Carnatic Nawabs and finally to British till Independence. During the British rule the fort had Tipu Sultan's family and the last Nayak king of Kandy (Sri Lanka) in captivity. The Fort also houses a Hindu temple, Christian church and Muslim mosque. The first rebellion against British rule erupted at this fort in 1806. The Fort is considered to be one the best specimen of a ground fort in
India and the Temple within the Fort is famous for the magnificent carvings. The Fort is also a witness to the tragic massacre of the Vijayanagara royal family of Emperor Sriranga Raya.

The present day Chennai region and Tirupathi were under the domains of this Fort.


The Built area is around 133 acres, situated within the broken range of Eastern Ghats near Palar riverbanks. The walls are constructed using heavy blocks of green granite rocks sourced from nearby hills in Arcot and Chitoor Districts.

The fortification consists of a main rampart broken at irregular intervals by round towers and rectangular projections. The fort is surrounded by a moat which was once filled with crocodiles to create a extra line of defense. This broad moat is fed with water by subterranean drains from the Suryagunta tank. The fort is considered to one of the most perfect specimens of military architecture in
Southern India and is known for its grand ramparts, wide moat and robust masonry. The Vellore Fort is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

There is supposed to be a tunnel deep below the fort leading to a temple in a village known as Virinjipuram exactly 12 Kms away. The king used that in order to escape if there were any major attacks. The tunnel still exist but its been closed due to some problems, the mouth of the tunnel in Virinjipuram temple can be seen. It is placed near mother goddess. Its remained closed for years since there might be dangerous gas or reptiles inside. Some people say that some archeologists have tried exploring that but didn't return.

Jalakanteswarar Temple

The large impressive Siva temple was built about the same time as the fort in
Vijayanagara architecture style and is located on the Northern wall within the fort. The lingam of Lord Shiva gets its name from the natural underground spring upon which it resides, on of the reasons why the moat has never dried, no matter how severe a drought. Named after Jalakanteswara, or “Lord Siva residing in the water”, the temple has a Nataraja Siva deity on the northern altar and Siva-lingam on the western altar.

The 30m (100ft) high, seven-storey Gopuram is made of blue granite, flanked by two carved dwarpalas (door guards). The temple is renowned for the magnificent carvings on the pillars of the kalyana mandapam (Marriage Hall) which are fashioned as rearing lions, horses with riders, yalis and other mythical beasts and considered to be one of the most impressive in India. The temple itself is now cared for by a trust and re-established as a place of worship.

The Mosque built by the Muslim rulers is situated inside the fort signifies the
earliest Islamic structure in the town.


A British era Church in the same fort complex is known impressive stairway and its bell tower. On the right of the Fort there is a cemetery for British officers Soldiers killed in the final campaign against Tipu Sultan and in the following 1806 Sepoy Mutiny.

First Sepoy Mutiny

In 1806, the Vellore fort was used by the British to station Infantry Military units of the Madras Regiment.The British Commander in chief of the Madras Army prescribed a new round hat for soldiers replacing the turbans and removal of beards, caste markings and jewellery, which the Sepoys considered offensive and were further fuelled by rumours that the hat was made of the hide of cows and
On July 10, 1806, before sunrise, Indian Sepoys stationed in the Fort attacked the European barracks stationed there, and by late morning killed around 15 Officers and 100 English soldiers and ransacking their houses. Some of the rebelling Soldiers also instigated the sons of Tipu Sultan to lead the campaign. The news quickly reached a Colonel commanding the Cavalry Cantonment in
Arcot, who reached the Fort reached with heavy battalions and quickly put down the rebelling solders. The rebelling native Sepoys numbering more than 800 were
mercilessly hounded and killed. By noon the rebellion was put down. The events lead to a Court inquiry by the British who also decided to shift Tipu Sultans family from Vellore to faraway Calcutta in isolation.

The news of the Vellore Rebellion sent shockwaves in England. The Governor, William Bentinck and Commander-in-Chief of the Madras Army, Sir John Cradock both were recalled on this count.
Family of Tipu Sultan

The Tombs of Bakshi Begum (d.1806), widow of Hyder Ali and Padshah Begum, Tipu's wife, who died in 1834 are located with a kilometre to the eastern side of the Fort.