Monday, October 15, 2007

Traditional Costumes-2

The following are the traditional costumes of Central India.

Madhya Pradesh:

Its India's largest state, it literally means the "Central Province", an apt name as it is situated in the centre of India.

Summer-Light clothes preferably natural fibres.

Winter-Light woolens for the day and heavywoolens for the night.

Madhya Pradesh is known for its fine Chanderi Pagadi or safa, bandi and dhoti among males and kanchli, ghaghara, lugada (lehnga) among females is the dress of common village folk. School going boys wear chaddi and shirt and the girls, polka, ghaghri or frock.

Tribals wear short dhotis. In jungles their men-folk wear shorter langot.


India's 26th state which was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2000. This state is known for its tribal weaving. Chattisgarh is formerly known as Southern Kosal. Chattisgarh is derived from the ancient dynasty South Kaushal taht.

Women are fond of "Kachhora" a typical manner of wearing saree. Women wearing "Lugda" (saree) and "Polkha" (blouse) with a set of attractive ornaments are symbolic of tradition and heritage of Chattisgarh.

Abhuj Maria Tribals (Bastar)

Their dressing needs are very small and money they do not covet at all. Both men & women wear only a piece of cloth round the waist.

Folk Dance Costumes

Gaur Dance Costumes

Men put head-dresses with stringed "cowries" and plumes of peacock feathers and make their way to the dancing ground.

Kaksar Dance Costumes

Boys put on a peculiar costume of a long white robe while girls are clad in all their finery.


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